Tuesday, 16 July 2013

How can I get more language students?

How can I get more students contacting me for language lessons?

There are a couple of key things you can do to improve the chances of students contacting you for a language lesson. These are:

Add a professional looking photo, and smile - Looking too serious can be off-putting for potential students so we recommend smiling in your photograph. Most students don't want an overly strict teacher, rather somebody they can feel relaxed with. Looking professional also sends a signal to students that you are there to teach, and not mess around. 

Add a video - Adding a short introductory video to your profile will allow students to hear your voice and get an idea of your character. If the student can understand you clearly and gets a good idea of the type of teacher you are from your introduction, then it's likely they'll feel less intimidated about contacting you for a language lesson. Also OrangutanJapan always makes sure profiles with videos have a prominent position in the site. 

There are other things which can help you get students but adding a video and a professional and friendly photograph are key. Good luck. 

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